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Pay Membership dues by 12/31 to continue having fun! 



    Safe Riding Everyone!!!


  1. Stay in line.
  2. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the unit in front of you...AND... it is your job to keep an eye on the unit in BACK of you.  If the machine behind you stops or is far enough behind that you have not seen them for a couple of minutes, you need to STOP and WAIT...the unit in front of you will then stop and wait for you...and so it goes on up the line....this process works it's way up the line to the lead unit....the lead unit will then send someone back to see what the problem is...if everyone follows this procedure...we keep the group together and have a great fun ride!  
  3. We have a leader, anchor man who rides at the back of the line.  At busy or difficult intersections, we may have a guide to assist crossings.
  4. Do not cross main road until the signal has been given.  If not signal man is available, look both ways before proceeding.
  5. When using a road and meeting traffic, slow down to a safe speed ...remember other people and road conditions are unpredictable.
  6. Often, our leader will see a spot that looks like a fun challenge; He may stop and give us a chance to play.  When the signal is given, line up and be courteous to your fellow riders.
  7. The riders follows each other. Stay on the same trails.  The end person shall be accountable for  keeping tract of the people in front. It's a good idea to bring a gps and /or your cell phone for emergencies.
  8. Whatever you bring out into the woods bring it back with you. " Leave it Like you found it....or Better! "  



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