Pay Membership dues by 12/31 to continue having fun!
Pay Membership dues by 12/31 to continue having fun! 


Lewiston Fun One's, was started by a group of men who came up to  Lewiston, Michigan to snowmobile in the early 1960's.

Originally they met at the Moose Lodge in Lewiston, Michigan.   As the club grew, a private person donated the land & building to start the non-profit organization.

In the 1980’s the building was struck by lightning which started a fire & burned the club down. 


The club is run with volunteers.  Members can volunteer to bartend, cook, clean and perform general maintenance. 


We are a private club. However, we encourage people to stop in and check us out!  That gives you an opportunity to come in meet some people. A member can buy you a beverage and you will not regret coming out ...we are a fun group of people...some live here full time...a lot of our members still live downstate...or even out of state...we even have a few members from Canada too!!  You will be pleasantly surprised at what you find with a great fun group of come on out! Check out the " Fun One's" and meet some new friends!!  Talk with one of our Board Members or our bartender on duty they will be happy to answer questions! Feel free to call after 5:00PM for more info....989-786-5414....or better yet...stop out and see us!


2020-2021 Board Members

President - Chris Crawford

Vice President - Bonnie Swift

Secretary - Sue Burnham

Treasurer - Karen Smith

Bar Manager - Rex Burnham

Sargent of Arms - Dennis DeMeritt

Club Manager - Brad Smith

Executive Officer - Rick Bolla , Jan Demeritt and Jim Gidcumb

Trustees - Dave Pachla, Gaylon Harris and Ron Brown 


Communications - Susan Bolla

Social Media - Kim Crawford

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